Why Another Blog About Women Motorcycle Riders?

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Well – the simple answer is – because I think there are women out there like me who want to be able to dialogue, learn, share tips and – there’s always room for that because female motorcycle riders are GROWING group!  That is a fact.

I did not learn to ride a motorcycle until I was 59 years old and – I so afraid.  I had wanted nothing to do with motorcycles; was never interested; well, until my husband bought this beautiful, red Harley Heritage.  It was so beautiful that I instantly wanted him to take me for a ride.  I fell in love with riding but, because of my husband’s diabetes, it was very difficult for him to have a passenger – I weigh more than 50lbs!!!  So, I took the beginners class and quite literally “passed by the skin of my teeth” – a quote from my instructor.  I bought a scooter – a Honda Burgman.  I didn’t want to have to think about shifting because I thought I was going to die every time I rode and it took all my concentration just to keep the fear from keeping at home.

I am blessed to live in the country and I took that Burgman out every day on back roads where I could stop, start, take ten minutes to make a right-hand turn (because I thought I would die!), going 30 mph on curves that clearly said 50 but, again, I thought I was going to die.  Okay – okay – why did I keep riding?  Well, anyone who rides will tell you. There was a freedom and power in it that I had never experienced before. My husband patiently rode behind me, in front of me and coached me along.


The first time I ever went up a big, steep hill, I took it at 40 and thought I was going faster than the wind – it’s a 60 mph hill that I now ride at 65 mph.  But I kept going.  I had so many questions and only men to talk to.  Don’t get me wrong – they were all wonderful to me and I rode that Burgman 3,000 miles in 3 months! I kept looking at my husband’s beautiful, loud Harley and finally worked up the nerve to ask him if I could ride it. He was horrified but said yes.  That was it.  For my 60th birthday I got a brand new black Harley Heritage.  Dropped it the second day and was so horrified and scared that I thought I had made a huge, huge mistake. But, I got back on and rode – no damage to me and only broke the tip off my clutch lever – miracle!

I really wanted to find some women who rode because I knew that my husband didn’t really understand some of the fears that I had or the needs that I had in a bike. I didn’t even know how to ask the questions. So, to the internet I went and found a group called Women on Wheels.  A few of the ladies immediately rode over to my town, had lunch with me and that was it. I’ve been a member since then. It was wonderful to ride with women who understood my thoughts, my questions and my fears and could encourage me because they had gone through the same thing.

That’s what I want to do.  As I said in first blog, I have not ridden as much as some women and I am no expert. I do ride about 8-10 thousand miles a year so I ride more than a lot of people do.  I just want to share my experiences and try to help anyone I can – young, old or in between.  I’m 66 but I don’t think I’m old. I love, love, love to ride and already have lots of them planned for this year.  So – yes – another blog about female motorcycle riders!

In the coming weeks, I will be blogging about lots of different topics and letting those of you in Idaho know about some wonderful places to buy great stuff for women who ride.


5 thoughts on “Why Another Blog About Women Motorcycle Riders?

    • Ms Dazy – thank you for visiting my site and commenting. I very much appreciate it! I hope that you find the blog helpful or, at least, entertaining!! Do you ride? What state do you live in? It is always wonderful to talk with other lady riders and I hope you come back again.

  1. Hey Flo,

    I wanted to stop by and check out the site. It looks really nice and I think you are really really brave.

    As I was reading this post and you told me how afraid you were of motorcycles I was nodding my head because that’s me. I’ve seen 2 accidents right in front of me and one almost died. It was in a neighborhood too, in front of the house I grew up in so they scare me to death.

    I know that other people don’t pay attention to you and that’s what makes me nervous more than anything else. My brother has a Harley but he lives in the country and prefers to ride on those roads for that main reason. It’s everyone else you have to watch out for, he’s a very careful driver though. He’s even taken my Mom for a ride and she loved it.

    I think it’s great though since you love to ride so much that you share your adventures with others and encourage women who might want to do this as well. Great way to connect with those who are riding, someone to talk to and compare notes with and of course even ride with. I really think that’s awesome.

    I want to wish you the best and maybe I can just live through your adventures since you still will never be able to get me on one. LOL!!!

    Ride on and have a great week Flo.

    Adrienne recently posted…Branding Expert Shares Her 7 Most Valuable TipsMy Profile

    • Adrienne – thank you for commenting. I appreciate your fear! I never thought I would want to ride – hence the massive fear. However, it has proven to be a wonderful stress reliever for me and I have met so many wonderful people who also ride. There is an instant bond – motorcycle riders all look out for each other and care.

      I will be sharing lots of my “adventures” and pictures along with some helpful tips and techniques.

      Fleda – Flo-Wrighta

  2. What a wonderful post.

    I can really understand your fear that you had. I have a 4 wheeler and love to ride it but not sure I would be brave enough to ride a bike at high speeds on a real road.

    My son had a street bike for a while and talked me into letting him give me a ride on it. I would not let him go over 20mph even though I was not driving.

    I think it is great that you are sharing the fears you had when beginning. It will help so many other people and even makes me think about riding a bike. I may have to talk to my son and see if he will let me ride his dirt bike just to experience it.

    Great post and I love your header!

    Dee Ann
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