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My Battery Tender

Battery Tender

The reason I say “what I do” to winterize my bike is – because lots of people do it lots of different ways.  Where I live, I can usually tell when my riding is coming to an end.  The prediction of  freezing weather or snow is about all the hint that I need!!  I am not a cold-weather rider. I’m a wimp.  I have heated gear but I don’t enjoy being cold or having to dress like the Michelin Tire man in order to ride.  Below 50 degrees is good enough for me to wrap up my season!  Ok – I know there are lots of you saying – Wow, she really is a wimp!  I’m ok with that.  I have good friends who ride unless there is snow or ice on the road.  They are definitely tougher than I am and – I’m ok with that too!

When it comes time to winterize my bike, I get on it, ride to the closest gas station (because I always wait until it is below 40!) and I take my little bottle of Stabil with me.  I know lots of my friends who do not use Stabil but, I do.  When I get there, I pour in the Stabil per the directions on the bottle, then top off my tank with gas, get back on and ride home.  In this way, I have circulated the Stabil through my engine and my bike is all ready to be tucked away in the garage.

Then, I hook up my battery tender.  They are inexpensive and do a great job.  They keep your battery charged, and only re-charge when your battery level drops a little. I have other friends who just go out once a month and start their bike.  That works for them – this works for me.  My bike is always ready for a surprise sunny, warm day that may come in December or January or February.  I finish up by putting my half-cover on my bike and taking out things like my cold-gear and storing all of it where the mice can’t get to it in my garage.  You don’t have to cover your bike but I like to – it helps keep dust and other things off my bike while it’s sitting waiting on it’s wimpy owner to come out and ride again!

My Slim’s name is Slim!!  Creative huh?  I try hard to take care of Slim including through the winter when his wimpy owner is inside by the fire.  I do all of this because of the recommendations of others and the company that made my bike.  Of course, you can do whatever works for you but, if you are new, or if, like me, your husband or signifiant other, is gone, you just want to take the extra steps to be sure.  You can buy Stabil at lots of places including Walmart.  One bottle lasts 2 years for me.  You can buy battery tenders at places like Walmart too.  They are very simple little things. You just plug one end into your battery hookup and plug the other end into the nearest electrical outlet.  That’s it!  As long it’s plugged in, it works.  Most have lights on them to tell you that they are working.

Let me know what your thoughts are on winterizing your bike. What do you do?  Do you do anything at all?  If you live where you don’t have to winterize, you are blessed!  For all the rest, let me know what you do and if you have a better way to do it!  I’m always open to learning new things about motorcycles.

Sincerely – Flo-Wrighta

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