Things I’m Buying For My Bike

Even though the snow is 2′ feet and still falling, I am looking at some accessories to buy for my bike.  I want to be ready when the weather breaks!

Because my bike is not a “touring” bike, I don’t have faring to protect my hands and don’t have built-in cruise control so – I’m going to make some additions.

Hand Guards – When I owned my Harley Heritage I had put hand guards on it.  When I traded in 2014 and got my Slim, the old hand guards wouldn’t fit and so I am going to buy some this year.  I will be purchasing the Memphis Shades Ghost Hand Guards.  They fit my bike, are clear plastic, and – most importantly – they protect my hands from multiple things.  When it’s cold, they block the wind away from your hands.  In the Summer, when bugs are plentiful, the bugs hit the Guard and not your fingers.  Whenever you are riding and there can be stuff on the road – little rocks, bigger rocks, trash, pieces of miscellaneous stuff – and when they hit your fingers it hurts!  The hand guards take the punishment instead of your fingers.

Where I live, there can be lots of grasshoppers and I have had them hit my legs and it felt like a large rock had hit me.  I definitely don’t want them hitting my knuckles.  I love to wear fingerless or very thin full gloves in the summer.  Either way, it hurts.

Cruise Control – I have never had the luxury of cruise control on any bike.  Rather than paying loads of money to have one installed, I will be purchasing the Sound Off Recreational Cruise Control for Harley which uses a pressure system with a small lever that is activated with your thumb and released when you use the throttle.  I had one very similar to this on my first Burgman Scooter and it worked well.  As I rode, it would gradually slip due to vibration and the bike would slow down somewhat but it gave my right hand a welcome break.  After I have used this for a while, I will report back to you about how it works,

Right now I have a throttle assist that I can rest my wrist on but it still requires that I grip the throttle since I don’t trust what I feel through my wrist!

Let me know what additions you have made to your bike that have been helpful and worth the money!  It’s always good to learn from others and their experiences.

Happy Riding!

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