The Importance of Remembering What You Learned in Class

In Idaho, the class we take, which is better than MSF class, is called STARS.  I took the Beginner class in August of 2010. It was over 100 degrees both days we had to ride and, as I have shared in other posts, I passed by the skin of my teeth (to quote my instructor). But, I want to give you a quote, right up front, about the STARS program in Idaho. This quote is from  It comes from an article stating the MSF statistics, showing a 60% increase in motorcycle fatalities in California after MSF was put in place, has caused California to drop MSF and go with a program called Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic.  Here is the quote, “Idaho’s STAR program, founded in 1994, uses a tiered course system, and has had a lot of success since it’s adoption, boasting a whopping 70% reduction in crash risk for riders between 1996 and 2010. (In fact, Idaho’s program was so successful, Total Control actually hired the STAR program manager for a year to help with the huge transition of taking over all of California’s rider training.)” So – now you will understand why I believe so strongly in taking a course!  STARS teaches skills – not just how to ride around in a circle for 2 days! You learn to make fast stops, quick avoidance maneuvers, riding in traffic, stopping at a 4 way stop, and much more. read more

A Personal Story of Loss and Moving Foward

My Husband – Don

Last year, July 26, 2015, my husband of almost 49 years was killed in a motorcycle crash. I was riding ahead of him and, thankfully, did not see the accident. I heard something and turned around and was at his side.  He had been killed instantly after losing control of his bike just before a curve, going into the oncoming lane and hitting a truck head-on. He had no external injuries – he was gone.  It was a miracle that the family in the truck was not hurt at all.

Of course, I could not ride my bike home. I was in shock that lasted for quite awhile. A friend and neighbor that we had been riding with took me home on his bike – I don’t know how he did it – he and Don were close, close friends – he was caring for me in Don’s place. I wasn’t afraid. I knew that something had happened to my husband. He had multiple health issues. The curve was a curve that a beginner could take at 50 mph.  Although I will never really know what happened, I know that an experienced rider would apply their brakes if they were able to, especially in a situation like this. He did not and I do not believe he was able to. I believe something had happened to him physically and he could not do anything. read more