About Me


FW Smaller 2015

My name is Fleda Wright. My road name, given to me by a very good friend with a great sense of humor, is Flo-Wrighta.  I am 66 and plan to ride till I’m at least 96 – I have enough “bucket list” rides to last till I’m 100! I have a hero, Gloria Struck, who is 90 and still riding her Harley Heritage across country so, I plan to follow in her tracks.

I live in Idaho – if you’re not sure where that is, find Oregon on the map and then go right!!  I was born and raised here, met my husband here, raised my kids here and – I love Idaho.  I am Mother, Grandmother, dog lover  (Harley & Ryder can be seen regularly in my posts), motorcycle rider, guitar player, knitter, work 3 part-time jobs, am part-owner of a real estate business, and – did I mention? – I love to ride motorcycles with my friends and family. I lost my dear husband in 2015.  He loved to ride too and the photo in the header is me leading part of the family trip in 2015 headed toward beautiful Mt. Hood with my husband, son and daughter-in-law.  I ride 8-10 thousand miles a year and hope to do even more each year.

I want to share my experiences, little bits of knowledge, love of riding, your experiences, the knowledge of other ladies I ride with and – explore the world together outside the cage!  I learn from others every day and just want to encourage women of every age to ride, to learn and to promote this sport in a way that makes others want to join us.

I am a member of Women on Wheels and Motor Maids and ride with these wonderful ladies.  I hope you will join me and live the adventure!