Follow Up on Trip to Beartooth And Me

Well, here we are that top of Beartooth.  I have so many pictures and none of them do it justice.  As some of you know, the date was July 26, 2016, exactly one year after my husband’s death.  It was hard and yet wonderful.  I am on the far right.  In the center are my son and daughter-in-love and on the far left is a close family friend who was with us the day my husband was died in a motorcycle accident.  This was our way of honoring him. He had wanted to go to Beartooth and so we know he was there with us. I will post more pictures at another time.

I have not posted in quite awhile because, just one month before the Beartooth trip, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  This picture was taken just days before I started chemo and radiation on August 1.



It has been very difficult.  I also had surgery in November and the tumor was removed and – I am CANCER FREE!  I will be doing follow-up chemo but that will be the easiest part of this journey.  I am feeling much better and will be posting regularly again.

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