My First Time Up A Big Hill

The very first time I went up what I considered to be a HUGE hill, I had so many crazy thoughts.  At that time, I was riding my Burgman 400 and had only gone up or down very small, very manageable hills – lol.  When I saw the hill I was going to go up, I thought that I would not be able to get up the hill; I would end up going so slow that I would fall over (well, this one was a real possibility!); that I would crash on one of the curves; that if I had to stop, I would not be able to get started again; etc. read more

What I Do To Winterize My Bike

My Battery Tender

The reason I say “what I do” to winterize my bike is – because lots of people do it lots of different ways.  Where I live, I can usually tell when my riding is coming to an end.  The prediction of  freezing weather or snow is about all the hint that I need!!  I am not a cold-weather rider. I’m a wimp.  I have heated gear but I don’t enjoy being cold or having to dress like the Michelin Tire man in order to ride.  Below 50 degrees is good enough for me to wrap up my season!  Ok – I know there are lots of you saying – Wow, she really is a wimp!  I’m ok with that.  I have good friends who ride unless there is snow or ice on the road.  They are definitely tougher than I am and – I’m ok with that too! read more

Why Another Blog About Women Motorcycle Riders?

Me                     My Buddies – Harley & Ryder             My Softail Slim

Well – the simple answer is – because I think there are women out there like me who want to be able to dialogue, learn, share tips and – there’s always room for that because female motorcycle riders are GROWING group!  That is a fact.

I did not learn to ride a motorcycle until I was 59 years old and – I so afraid.  I had wanted nothing to do with motorcycles; was never interested; well, until my husband bought this beautiful, red Harley Heritage.  It was so beautiful that I instantly wanted him to take me for a ride.  I fell in love with riding but, because of my husband’s diabetes, it was very difficult for him to have a passenger – I weigh more than 50lbs!!!  So, I took the beginners class and quite literally “passed by the skin of my teeth” – a quote from my instructor.  I bought a scooter – a Honda Burgman.  I didn’t want to have to think about shifting because I thought I was going to die every time I rode and it took all my concentration just to keep the fear from keeping at home. read more